So What Pairs With Blood?

Blood is so underappreciated in the USA.
Blood is eaten in many places like Mexico ( Moronga), Boudin Noir (France), Biroldo ( Italy) and of course, Black Pudding ( United Kingdom ). It’s also eaten by the Maasai tribespeople of Tanzania and Kenya where it’s mixed with milk. Inuits enjoy seal blood. In Asia, Duck and pig’s blood is traditionally enjoyed sliced ( China ), and with rice ( Taiwan ). Personally, I have enjoyed pig’s blood soup, known as Nam Tok soup, while traveling through Thailand’s Ubon Ratchathani region.

It’s a rich source of protein and iron.

So what pairs with blood? Well, for savory options, you could pair it with fish sauce, vinegar, milk, cumin and coriander. For sweet possibilities ( yes, they exist ), you could try cinnamon, orange, sugar, coffee and chocolate.

Feeling adventurous? Try this traditional recipe for Italian Sanguinaccio made with pig’s blood at Emiko Davies’ website.

If, however, you can’t find pig’s blood or just happen to be squeamish about it, try this recipe at Baking Mischief where the pig’s is omitted.

PS – Blood and Chocolate is also a great Elvis Costello album.