Source: UPROXX

KFC at Christmas, All Built on a Lie.

For about 50 years now, it’s been a thing that Japanese people eat KFC at Christmas. Never mind the fact that maybe 3% of Japanese identify as Christian ( it’s mostly Shinto/Buddhist ).

Takeshi Okawara, back in 1970, was a store manager at a barely solvent KFC. His store was one of the original franchises in Japan and the Colonel’s secret recipe just wasn’t catching on.

Over time, Okawara brought his chicken to various functions and soon it became a tradition.

On national TV in Japan, Okawara was asked if KFC at Christmas was a tradition in the West and he flatly stated that it was.

Now it’s such a tradition in Japan that stores dress their Colonel Sanders statues up in Santa regalia and people order it weeks in advance for their Christmas parties.