After writing the “Honeygate is real” post, we got to thinking; “How many foods are faked anyway?”

Turns out, several….

Larry Olmsted wrote an interesting book about this called “Real Food/Fake Food. Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It.”. Available at Amazon ( No, we don’t make money when you buy it ).

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – oftentimes cut with peanut and/or soybean oil
  2. Sushi – The White Tuna roll? Conservation group Oceana did a sampling of sushi from NYC restauarants and found that in most cases the “tuna” was escolar.
  3. Parmesan cheese – Who would’ve thought that the powdered stuff you sprinkle out of the can is mixed with cellulose ( wood pulp )? Check the ingredients list.
  4. Coffee – Powdered coffee is especially bad with adulterants of chickory, starch and figs. Ground coffee isn’t off the hook. Twigs, roasted corn and ground parchment have been found on occasion.
  5. Spices – Nutmeg has been known to be cut with pepper. Oregano has been known to have weeds.
  6. Fruit Juice – OK this one is pretty obvious. Take some time to peruse the 2 liter bottles of juice and their ingredients list. Almost always the first ingredient listed is apple juice.
  7. Truffle oil – Do we really have to tell you this? Chemically produced, nearly always.
  8. Lobster – No. It’s probably langostino which is about half the price of lobster.
  9. Chilean Sea Bass – ok, this one has fallen out of favor but by the time people stopped eating it, almost “Chilean Sea Bass” was monkfish.
  10. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – The Blue Mountain in Jamaica can’t have grown all of the coffee labeled as being from there. Even if it actually is Blue Mountain, the only one that matters is the coffee from the Wallingford Estate.