F*ck you 21st amendment.

Buddhacello – Sadly, Only Available in Idaho. :-(

OK, so a while back I hatched an idea: make limoncello with Buddha’s hand. I won’t rehash the delicious details. You can read about it here.

It turned out to taste heavenly…..so why not share it with friends? What a great idea! I bottled a bunch in 4 oz bottles with a fancy schmancy graphic and ………………. it ends in a whimper….

You see, I live in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho and you live in Indiana, or Ohio, or in one of the other 47 states where if I send you a simple 4oz bottle of buddhacello, I would breaking the law. If you show up to USPS, UPS or Fedex and specifically state your are sending hard liquor, you very likely will be turned away.

Here’s the problem: when the 18th amendment was repealed, thus ending prohibition, it was replaced by the 21st amendment and there was a caveat: it gave states the power to enact their own laws regarding the production, distribution, and sale of alcohol. Each state—and in some cases, each municipality or county—has its own regulations regarding the sale and shipment of all alcoholic beverages.

So while I might be able to slip by with sending you maybe a beer or some wine, most states make it an absolute no-no to send you hard liquor, even if it’s a gift. I cannot send you 4oz of my buddhacello because it’s illegal for me to do so.

On the other hand, bitters are not considered to be potable alcohol so if I ever get into that process, ( and you can bet your ass I’m going to ), sending that to you would be no problem.