Your Bone Broth is Bullshit

Your “bone broth” is bullshit.
Broth is an medieval term that means “brew”. That’s apt.
It comes down to two things: water and bones.
You can of course put things into your broth like meat and vegetables. If you leave those things in you have soup.
Take them out, you have broth.
There is no difference between stock and broth.
Stock and broth are not sexy terms, so how do you sucker people into paying $9.00 a cup for what you can make a gallon of for $5.00? Enter “bone broth”.
Let’s be clear about something… it’s never a good idea to add salt to a stock or broth because stocks and broths are used to build other soups and stews.
Bone broth differs from stock in one key way: the salt.
Proponents will also tell you that bone broth uses vinegar to extract more minerals from the bones, which is bullshit. Even if that were true, it would take so much vinegar and make the result undrinkable.
So avoid bone broth.
It’s bullshit.