FlavorSci.com Flavor Mapper – Sneak Peak

Hey folks, it’s been a little bit since I posted one of our flavor maps. The mission statement of FlavorSci is to help cooks engineer their own recipes. The radial diagrams are very useful in as much as you can hone in on a specific ingredient and then find something that looks great/weird/random and then just issue a google search for….


Radial Diagram. Google search …. +”peas” +”lime” +”recipe” …… and you get …….

( Spiced peas with cilantro… gotta try that…)

That alone makes this an interesting adventure but ultimately, FlavorSci is turning into a service where you input a specific ingredient ( we have 3,000 ) and then you can actually find it useful because, admittedly, writing these blog posts sort of puts you at our mercy.

Right now, on our backend, we are working on re-engineering our stack onto a MongoDO/Express/Angular/Node framework. More specifically, where we are headed is to give you ability to specify a specific ingredient and then, specify more ingredients, and to see them in a nicer visual format known as a forced touchgraph and that looks like this…..

The trick here is to make it dynamic, but to also enable you to store whatever triumphs you happen to stumble across.

That is why you don’t see us updating everyday because we are busy re-engineering all of this to actually be useful. We do have a MailChimp mail list that we use to communicate changes but otherwise, we don’t use it. We are going to be using it to send out beta tester invites so if you want to join us in our next step, -> Subscribe to our mail list <-