Why use plain mayo in your BLT when you can use Baconnaise? Mayonnaise is, at its heart, a fat emulsified with egg yolks. Usually that fat is a neutral oil like canola but you can also use bacon fat!

Here’s what you need…


  • 75g – Egg yolks ( about 5-6 yolks )
  • 45g – Water
  • 25g – Dijon mustard
  • 300g – Bacon fat ( about 1 1/3 cup ). If rendering, you’re going to need about 48 oz of bacon ( 4 – 12oz packages )
  • 18g – Lemon juice
  • 10g – White wine vinegar
  • 0.7g – Xanthan gum


  • Hand blender or KitchenAid mixer
  • Sous vide
  • Instant pot

First render the fat.. cut up two packs of bacon (24 oz ), place in the instant pot with about an inch of water. Cook under high pressure for two hours. Once you are done, you want to vent this outside. Strain the bacon and refrigerate the bacon water. Repeat with two more packs of bacon. Next morning, fat cap just comes right off.

Next, sous vide the yolks. One, this pasteurizes the yolks, and two amplifies the emulsifying power. Blend them together, place in a quart zip lock bag, sous vide at 153F/67C for 35 minutes.

Mix together the yolks, water and dijon.

You need to bring the bacon grease back to a liquid state. Suggested way? Microwave on defrost for 45 seconds and mix in the secret weapon….

Doesn’t take much of this..

Xantham gum is going to help keep it all together. Once you’re done with that get your hand mixer ( or kitchenaid with whisk ) and on medium start mixing in the bacon fat. *THIS IS IMPORTANT*….mayonnaise is basically another type of hollandaise ( or vice versa ) and breaks easy. You need to mix in the fat a tablespoon at a time.

It takes a while but your tenacity will be rewarded. Once you’ve done that, start mixing in the lemon juice and white wine vinegar to taste. I use it all and there you have it! Baconnaise!