The Science

FlavorSci is not powered by scientists but it is powered by engineers.

While reading posts ( especially the ones under “Do You Realize What You Just Put In Your Mouth?” ) it might be easy to become alarmed.

You shouldn’t.

Extremism on either side of the food debate is a terrible thing, whether you are incompetent government boobs who approve the use of chemicals without proper research or you are a well meaning non-scientist who makes your living by stoking fears and propagating hysterical bullshit ( See, “The Food Babe Blogger is Full of Shit” )

Sugar and salt do a tremendous amount of damage so you should probably look there first if you are concerned about food.

In any case, our primary focus is flavor and we strive to stay in our lane.

The outdoors is another focus, which is why we are in the beautiful Wood River Valley of Idaho. 

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Julian Cook